INTERMEDIATE 5 -13 years
Required Skills: Children entering this level must be able to swim 20 ft unassisted on front and back with rudimentary strokes, and be comfortable jumping in the water. Price: Weekday $140 Sunday $160 Goals for Class:
  • Refine freestyle and backstroke technique.
  • Learn to swim breaststroke, butterfly and rhythmic breathing.
  • Develop diving, treading and deep water skills.
  • Upon completion of this level, your child will be able to swim all four strokes with correct techniques, demonstrate safety and deep water skills, and will be ready to move into a competitive swim environment.
This is our most advanced swim class. The focus of this class will be on stroke technique refinement. The primary strokes we concentrate on are freestyle and backstroke, but we will also teach breaststroke, butterfly, flip turns and more. This is a great class for swimmers who may want to move into a swim team-like environment. Also, this class would be ideal for swimmers already in swim team who are looking for further stroke instruction.

Let's get swimming! Click here to enroll, or give us a call at 512-451-3425 today. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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