ADVANCED: Age: 5-13 years
Required Skills: Must successfully complete Child Level 3 or be able to jump into deep water from the side, recover to the surface, maintain position by treading or floating for 1 minute, rotate one full turn then turn as necessary to orient to the exit point, level off, swim front crawl and/or elementary backstroke for 25 yards, then exit the water.Pric
Weekday $140
Sunday $160
Goals for Class:
Participants will work on dolphin kicking off a streamlined position into freestyle, and backstroke.
Continue to work on Breastroke refinement and timing.
Introduce Butterfly kick and arm action.
Work on flip and open turns, and underwater pull down.
Upon successful completion of this level, your child will be able swim breaststroke for 15 yards, change direction and swim backstroke 15 yards. The primary strokes we concentrate on are backstroke and breaststroke, and we introduce the butterfly stroke and turns.

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