Since 1982, Tom’s Dive & Swim has been a family owned and operated business located here, in Austin, Texas. Your experience is our number one priority. Our mission at Toms is to provide a safe, fun, educational environment for our swimmers and their families. We achieve this by hiring the best team of caring and dedicated swim teachers, limiting class sizes and providing exceptional customer service. 

The Tom’s Story:
In 1982, George and Janice Roseberry started a company named Tom’s Dive & Ski. They wanted to provide scuba lessons for the Austin community along with selling merchandise for both diving and skiing. As the years progressed and their son (Warren) grew older, it was clear that he would take over the family business. With Warren as the new owner things began to grow and change. His staff was very passionate about water safety education and convinced him to start a program to teach children. The business now became Tom’s Dive & Swim. Water safety and learn-to-swim became a top priority. The program has continued to grow and be one of the most successful swim schools in Central Texas. Our dedication to your success is unmatched!

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