Intermediate/Advanced 2-5 years
Required Skills: Child must be able to swim at least 5 feet unassisted on front and back with rudimentary strokes, and be comfortable jumping in the water. Price: Weekday $140 Sunday $160 Goals for Class:
  • Learn coordination of arm and leg movements, to improve stroke technique on front, back and underwater.
  • Learn diving and deep water skills.
  • Upon completion of this level, your child will be able to swim freestyle and backstroke 15 – 30 ft unassisted and demonstrate rhythmic breathing, water safety skills, as well as show their comfort and confidence in deep water.
In this class your child will be learning proper stroke and breathing techniques. We teach a method of skill building with the use of stroke drills and swim aids so each stroke becomes more defined. Most children will take multiple sessions in level 2 before they are able to master all the skills. Also, we will work on deep water comfort as well as diving in this level.

Let's get swimming! Click here to enroll, or give us a call at 512-451-3425 today. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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