“We've been taking my kiddo for swim lessons ever since he was an infant. They instructors are patient and knowledgeable. The instructors helped my son with his fear of water and now he loves to be in the pool! I will be taking my son for swim lessons again! The price is pretty reasonable also!!” Christine

“Swim lessons actually work. We did lessons at other places before with little results. The teachers are great with kids. The staff is friendly even when my toddler runs around like crazy while waiting for his big sister to finish swimming. Love that they give discounts during the winter.” SB B.

“Frustrated with how little swimming my kids can actually do after months at one of the premier swim schools in Cedar Park, I decided to try this place. So far after only about 6 lessons, I have seen significant progress in their swimming abilities.

The concept is simple, learn to swim freestyle and on your back. Enroll in 2-week intervals. Each session is 30 minutes everyday (M-Th). Same place, same time, and same instructor. Consistency is the key for children. Since they are with the same instructor, that instructor really knows your child's ability and can modify lessons accordingly. I like the fact that they focus on basic techniques such as kicking and breathing techniques. The staff is very friendly.

Tom's is a place to go if you just want your kids to learn how to swim.” Alicia K. (Maple Leaf)

“We started Tom's for swim lessons last summer for my then 3 year old daughter who had no previous swimming experience. She has taken group and private lessons with three different instructors over the past 6 or 7 months and I cannot say enough about their instruction approach and the talent and enthusiasm of their staff and instructors; all this in addition to their friendly customer service and reasonable prices.

Everyone in the shop greets us by name when we come in. My daughter LOVES going to class so much she talks about it all week... she says she misses Tom's when she's not taking lessons.

The instructors are patient and intuitive when it comes to different personalities and levels -- this makes a huge difference in gaining the trust of the swimmer, especially at this age.

My daughter is now in the Advanced Beginner class, loves the water and has gained great confidence in herself because of her time at Tom's. Austin is lucky to have such a great swim instruction outfit!” Jenny L

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